Hotel Baia Azzurra, the story

Where you find Hotel Baia Azzura today was once a farmland. In 1952 our grandfather, Antonio, transformed the field into the first camping area of Torbole sul Garda. Later in 1958, Antonio decided to build the first part of Hotel Baia Azzura, which included just few rooms and a small dining room. In the same year his 2 sons, Gian Antonio and Luigi, together took over the management of the hotel until 1992. Since then Luigi and his wife, Tullia, along with their children, Emanuela, Matteo and Simone, have managed the hotel with dedication and passion to this day. In 2011 the hotel was renovated to include new rooms and wellness area for all guests. Today our Hotel Baia Azzura is truly a jewel on the northern shore of Garda Lake.

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