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For many years the Nodari family has been supporting an adoption program run by AMU, a non-profit organization working in many countries around the globe. Everything started after a family trip to Burma back in 1998, during which we found the country to be very special despite its extreme poverty and simplicity. The project “gelato sole” in Yangon, a small shop that sells Italian gelato not yet existent in the country, was incepted during subsequent trips to Burma. Today the gelato shop is working at its full capacity with machines imported from Italy and run by a staff of six people who have mastered the art of Italian gelato.

In 2013 the project “gelato sole” extended its business venture to Ho Chi Min city, Vietnam where another gelato shop was opened to provide students from rural area with accommodation and work. More recently, we began donating revenue from our bar and restaurant to a charity organization supporting new initiatives worldwide through a special event called “Let’s Share” that takes place every last Sunday of each season.

More recently, on the last Sunday of each season we began donating the profits from bar and restaurant sales to a charity supporting new initiatives worldwide. We call this “Let’s Share” day.

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