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Gelato Sole

Producing and distributing ice cream in Yangon since 2010.
It was born from a desire to do something for the young people we had met after a trip to Myanmar by the family of Luigi Nodari, owner of the Hotel Baia Azzurra.
Due to the dictatorship, it seemed impossible to start any activity.
The strong determination we had, strengthened by various facts that were happening, allowed Gelato Sole to be born.

Firstly, the meeting with Mr Than, a Singaporean trader at the Hotel Baia Azzurra, who helped us, almost free of charge, to get cars to Yangon, which everyone said was impossible.
Another fact was that we found an old Carpigiani food processor in Yangon.
There is electricity in Yangon and there isn't, even today, and production is difficult but continues, especially thanks to Ahle, the manager, who with great determination carries on the project, helping the whole community and giving work to the young people from the mountains who want to study in Yangon

At the inauguration, the Italian ambassador also came to congratulate us, who was incredulous that an Italian had started an ice cream production and such an ambitious project in such a difficult country like Burma.
Over the years, the project has expanded and made a name for itself both in Myanmar and in South-East Asia, with Gelato Sole also being set up in Ho Chi Min in Vietnam and in Burma's northernmost province of Mytkyna, with the help of the bishop.

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