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Lake Garda Active Holiday

Are you looking for a Lake Garda active holiday that combines relaxation with sport and culture?

Heated all day by the sun and cooled in the afternoon by the Garda hour, Torbole is a small paradise with a mild climate, nestled between the blue waters of Lake Garda, the green mountains and green boulders. Originally a fishing village, Torbole became a first class tourist attraction while preserving its special character to this day. The village now offers visitors a cosy and inviting environment, in which history and nature are one. But what activities can you do on Lake Garda?


Lake Garda Activity: nature, sport, freedom and relaxation

Our hotel is surrounded by the special nature of Lake Garda, where no introduction is needed. Torbole may be surrounded by high mountains, yet it enjoys a unique Mediterranean climate: here olive trees, agaves, holm oaks, gorses and cypresses climb up the rocky slopes to form real natural gardens of rare beauty.

In Torbole, the waters of the lake and the Sarca River are home to numerous bird species, fish and amphibians, while also being the venue for sporting events. Wind surfing, kite surfing, sailing, diving, and fishing from the boat or from the shore: here everyone can enjoy their free time as they please.

If the water is not for you, there are many alternatives: countless trekking, hiking and bike tours can be undertaken directly from Hotel Baia Azzurra! These include a panoramic hike on Mount Brione and the spectacular Busatte Tempesta trail, where you will float above the water of the

history and culture

Culture and history: the country, which fascinated Goethe

At the foot of Brione, the mountain which is planted with olive trees and borders our hotel, humans have found a favourable place to build settlements since prehistoric times. Torbole is a junction between the Adige Valley and Rendenatal Valley, while offering access to the waters of Lake Garda. It has long been a place of commercial and political interest: over the course of the centuries it was the Romans, the Prince Bishops of Trento, the Venetian Serenissima with the company of the Galeas per montes, Napolean’s armies and the Austrian Empire, and then in 1919 it became part of the Kingdom of Italy. Each of these peoples has left behind traces of their passage, both large and small: short and pleasant walks from the historic centre reach the Church of S. Andrea, the fort of Nago and Castel Penede.  

Torbole has also fascinated artists, travellers and writers: Dante Alighieri, Albrecht Dürer and J.W. [Turner?] are said to have visited. Goethe was particularly impressed by Torbole and its peaceful nature; he wrote about this village that lies in a natural amphitheatre, with a small natural harbour, where you can stroll amongst fig and olive trees.

sport around garda lake

Pleasure for the palate: typical products

While on holiday in Torbole you can’t miss out on an evening meal with lake and river fish: here the taste of sardines, pike and perch are enriched by forest mushrooms, polenta and vegetables from the garden. The undisputed queens of local cuisine are the trout, which Goethe celebrated in his Ricordi di Viaggio in Italia as “really wonderful”.

Another speciality of Torbole is the extra virgin olive oil: a pure, full bodied, intense and enveloping oil that comes from the olive trees, which grow on the old sun blessed terraces.

You can enjoy all of this and much more at our restaurant with terrace overlooking the lake!

Garda Lake, place for sport activities: greatest events at Torbole

While on holiday in Torbole you cannot miss some of the most important events in the area.

The sport on the waves of Lake Garda captivates the podium. There is no shortage of events: the Sailing Lake Garda meeting in April, One Hour Classic Windsurfing in July, Garda Trentino Sup Marathon Cup in October.

Cycling is also a major attraction with thousands of enthusiasts descending on the Garda Trentino Bike Festival in Spring and the spectacular Transalp Tour via Lake Garda; runners flock to the Garda Trentino half marathon in November.

In summer, climbing enthusiasts mustn’t miss the Rock Master Festival, during which the most talented climbers of all age groups and nations defy gravity on the most demanding artificial climbing walls.

If you love Italian fashion, you can’t miss the Riva Shoes Expo, the famous international exhibition of Italian and international shoes!

Thanks to these events, holidays in Torbole at the Hotel Baia Azzurra are an unforgettable experience.

sport around garda lake

The Area

Torbole is the ideal starting point, to discover the beauties of Trentino South Tyrol.

In addition to the enchanting villages on Lake Garda, the town of Trento, with its cathedral and museums, and the white towers of the Dolomites and small lakes, which are known for the colour of their waters, are all within easy reach. The surroundings and sights near Hotel Baia Azzurra are an absolute must see!

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