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Our vision of the Community College is to be of the Community, for the Community and by the Community in order to produce responsible citizens.


To serve our people, especially the poor, the needy and the marginalised, empowering them for integral human development guided by the values of the Gospel and the social teachings of the Church.


The St. Albert Community College in Myeik aims to run various courses, based on local needs, community needs and the current social and economic situations of young people who, for various reasons, do not have sustainable capacities for their livelihood.

The St. Albert Community College is an alternative system of education and also aims at the empowerment of the disadvantaged and underprivileged (urban poor, rural poor, ethnic poor and women) through the development of appropriate skills and confidence building, leading to labour empowerment in partnership with local industry and the community. The Community College offers skills for employment and self-employment.

Purpose of St. Albert Community College


1. Young people between the ages of 15 and 25 in the Tanintharyi region can have the opportunity to learn interesting skills to improve their personal abilities.

2. Young people can learn to develop their attitude towards the values of work, love of the environment and brotherhood during and after training.

3. Young people can learn to love and support their families and communities by putting their vocational skills to use in sustainable jobs that are available in their environment.

4. Young people may be able to avoid drug abuse and free themselves from other forms of delinquency through training in Christian morality and learning vocational skills.

5. Young people can have a brighter and better future as valuable human resources for their families, their communities, our country, and all humanity through their personal involvement in economic justice, stewardship of God's creation, and global solidarity and development (core values of Catholic social teaching).

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